Saturday, 23 June 2018

Trump's New World Order

I wonder if you Americans are as confused as we are in the Middle-East with regards to President Trump's actions? Since his inauguration his actions were far left , then far right then turns in a circle, I mean we just cannot figure him out!!!  His allies became his enemies and his enemies became all of a sudden his friends that he admires, I can claim that I analyze world affairs and put a number of predictions that usually comes spot on in a few months time, but with Trump i failed big time in trying to predict what would be his next action, one thing for sure is that when he announces something like meeting the North Korean leader, he usually does it even if does not make sense.

Only a few days back i came upon a fantastic issue of the recent New Yorker, and yes we in the Middle -East are reading and watching more US newspapers and CNN in order to understand what is going on, the front page looked this way

"Trump's new world order" now this makes perfect sense !! This does not apply only to the US foreign policy towards the Middle-East but also applies to all of his actions. Now we know it is not written anywhere as a text but we can deduct from the actions where is this new world order leading to. Four major decisions this administration took, first relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem which triggered out rage in the Middle East even in Arab and Muslim allies countries, Secondly applied tariffs to Chinese and European imports which made both parties decide on retaliatory actions against the USA, thirdly the Humiliation of the prime minister of America's closest ally that is Canada, and finally Trump's meeting with the North Korean leader which only a month ago seemed impossible. The question would be " Is this stupidity or is it a calculated risk for a huge cause?and how would these actions fit in the NEW Yorker's headline Trump's new world order?
The Middle-East has got everything to do with this new world order, Iran's nuclear deal & the Arab -Israeli conflict, the first was ignited by Trump's sort of withdrawal from the accord with the help of Israel and the Saudi money, since the Saudi's have now big ambitions in the region they can find no rivalry except Iran which has to be pushed back into the sanctions to prevent it from taking a bigger role in the region. Then the problem rose from the Europeans since they have over a billion dollars trade with Iran especially gad and oil , and they opposed Trump's new even harsher sanctions on Iran,this in a way unified the Europeans whom started criticizing Trump's administration.

On the other hand the Arab-Israeli conflict is taking a new turn with the Saudis and Israelis working together to accomplish the "Deal of the Century" which is the other name for the American peace plan which states that a new home for the Palestinians will be made in the Sinai desert and Jerusalem will be in total the Israeli capital. This plan is rejected by a lot of countries in the region, but with the Saudi money, the American pressure and the Israelis executing the plan they feel confident they can do it. 
A major war is imminent in the region even if the Russians decided to pull out from the Middle East, to reshape the map of the countries or better still to reshape the new world order. 

Trump does not want allies any more, he wants followers and using these economic measures would be the reward if you follow and tariffs if you do not, the new world order is nothing but a new empire that will extend its hands all over the world something like the Trump hotel chain.