Friday, 17 April 2015

Memories from visiting Saddam's Iraq part 2

We left that horrible restaurant and had an hour before the bus moves to Baghdad, so we thought we will go for a walk and the first thing you would notice the ridiculous number of Saddam's posters and between every 2 posters there is a Saddam statue, so my cousin amazed with the sight said what is this he thinks he is GOD, i replied i do not have to remind you to shut your mouth any more i will hit you on the head the next time, i cannot control my tongue it just pops out words he said. So we sat by the river and this old man was smiling so we said hi he replied which Arabs are you from ,we said Kuwait he said welcome then are you happy here? just before my cousin would open his mouth i said said yes we are so happy, but could you explain this sir ,  above us was a huge sign written on it ' ONE ARABIC NATION WITH AN IMMORTAL MASSAGE '  what is that massage? the old man wiped the smile from his face and shouted you ignorant non-progressive people and left, leaving me telling my cousin what did i say? never mind he said and pointed to another sign which said ' WHOM DO NOT WORK SHOULD NOT EAT ' now this is funny he said as we laughed and headed back to the bus.
As we were getting close to Baghdad you can see the beautiful lights from the distance, my cousin started having a pulse of stomach ace like every 5 minutes he would hold his stomach with pain, i knew right away that it is because of those black things swimming in the water we drank in that horrible restaurant , nothing i could do but to wait till we reach Baghdad. The bus suddenly stopped and the driver said OK everybody out, we did not dare ask why, but soon found out that there were military police checking ID's for military run away's, (Iraq had compulsory military a minimum of 3 years service and no maximum)  .the military police immediately pointed at my cousin , you come here,he said so i walked along with him since i had the passports, and to our  surprise the military police had a shaving machine in his hand, and told my cousin to sit down on a wooden chair in front of him , i figured out what the police man was trying to do but my cousin had no clue, i shouted we are Kuwaitis he then stopped the machine had a look at our passports and said go back to the bus,My cousin still did not figure out what was happening, so we sat in the bus then i told him that long hair is forbidden for boys in Iraq and he was ready to shave your hair off, his eyes widely opened with surprise, then looked towards the lights and said are ever going to reach Baghdad