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It is always a sensitive issue when talking about religions especially the monotheist ones, and this sensitivity i wish to talk about, why are we so sensitive? why is it always that we have to attack other religions to defend ours?did we bother to read their holly books ,did we understand it, if yes according to which scholar? so many questions that drove me to write this article, and probably we should start by defining RELIGION.

Religion is: the belief and worship of GOD almighty ( i will use it as the Creator , G-D and ALLAH) it is a particular system of acts and obedience to faith and worship.

This is a brief definition but good enough for the purpose of this article, and it is best to start with the similarities and semi-similar text in all 3 religions, they all believe that this world was created in 6 days, Adam and Eve story, Abraham story with little difference, Jesus story with a little difference , Mosses story, the Exodus, and the 12 tribes of Israel. i have selected those stories because they are all written with details or referred to in the prophets speeches.
First , regardless which religion you belong to, we all believe in this supreme power called GOD,G-D or ALLAH, and all of our obedience and faith goes to him .So the name he revealed himself in each holy books is of his choosing and we should obey and accept it. Secondly Abraham was neither a Jew,Christian nor a Muslim yet we all believe in him as the father of all the prophets and he was called upon and chosen by GOD to lead his people and convey the massage of GOD , he was a faithful servant whom GOD loved for his righteousness.Third the story of Mosses with every detail up to the Exodus is mentioned in the holly books almost word for word and in the Koran ALLAH says to Mosses ' And I have produced you for myself ' to show the greatness of Mosses.

So why we cannot leave at that point? why would 14 million Jews challenge the faith of 2.2 billion Christians and 1.6 billion Muslims over the existence Jesus Son of Mary, or why would the Christians challenge the faith of Muslims over the authenticity of the Koran , or why would the Muslims challenge the faith of Christians over the crucifying of Jesus? They all defend their points through their holy books, but why do i need to defend my faith against others that believe in one creator, Abraham and Mosses?
History tells us that the Jews were expelled from 109 places from 250 AD onward out of which 107 were Christian countries, so can we really blame Christianity, ignorance in the Christian faith from them leaders or is it a political decision? obviously it is the latter 2 are the real cause, since Christianity is all about peace, love and tolerance, yet one could argue that in the middle ages the church had all the control !!! True, but the church then were following the leaders ambitions and they would bend the faith to the satisfaction of the kings to keep their control over the masses and their positions in the state.
The same happened during the Islamic history when 3 out of 4 Caliphates were assassinated, and the rise of the Amawey state which used scholars to defend the positions of the leaders ambitions approving the likes of allowing the killing of the prophet's grandson whom tried to return the Islamic faith to what it was in the days of the prophet, so do we blame the religion? certainly not since it was about power and influence.
Also can we justify all the crimes that is happening in Palestine to Judaism? definitely not since we see Jews condemning the acts of the Israeli government .

We should learn from history, and the religion should be a guide for the seekers for the truth and people can read and research and follow ones heart and belief , and if one wants to know more about religion one should check different scholars and you will find the huge difference in interpretations of the holy books verses, and finally do not follow men you think are righteous to lead you to religion as Imam ALI said:  Whom enters the religion because of men, the same men will make him exit it.

Coexistence should be a target for all the believers because it will generate peace and harmony.

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