Saturday, 25 March 2017

You,them and I

Sometimes when you take an unwise decision you regret it and then try to fix the problem, but the damage is done and some of them are only a superficial wound that can be mended , but others are deep and beyond any repair.
Sir Issac Newton's third law of motion states " that every action has an equal and opposite reaction" this is true for our decisions too, for every decision there are consequences pointing in the other direction.Nevertheless Newton insists that the action and reaction are equal, so when you say "i did not mean to do that" i believe you and i know you are saying the truth, but that does not reduce the amount of action you applied or the size of the wound you caused. So next time you want to say something or do something towards other people, weigh your action and check its direction , you notice i added direction because those actions are dynamic so they are vectors having magnitude and direction, in other words , what you can say to an X person, cannot be tolerated by the Y person, so you have to check the direction of your actions.
Once the damage is done it is very hard to reduce its effects unless you direct your action towards the positive direction,like an apology which would offset the original damage,But what causes us to take drastic decisions without calculating the consequences? ANGER,,is the most damaging cause to any decision we make because it does not only limit our wisdom but also controls our limbs instead of our brains, spiritually talking, so anger is a power to be recon with and have to learn more about it, and that is not easy at all unless you are prepared spiritually.
I have been very very busy teaching in an extra ordinary college of aviation which drains all my power, yet i find it an opportunity to communicate with the boys and try to deliver not only technical knowledge and regulations but the true meaning of ourselves, consider it as adventure digging deep into us find the defects and try to fix it.I tell the boys the most important thing in college is to be disciplined because as you are abiding by the rules and requirements on the outside of yourself, what you are really doing is teaching your inside to brake anger, laziness,weakness and all the negative emotions.  

Finally a virtue is nothing but an equilibrium point, for example bravery is a virtue, yet if you go left a bit then it becomes cowardliness or go right and becomes recklessness so being in the middle you  are safe,and this holds true for all.To discover ones self makes him realize where exactly he stands. It is a struggle with ones self, make sure you come out victorious.   

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